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Employee Placement System

GM Attendance Policy

Layoff Tip Sheet


Local Contract



Veteran's T-Shirts

UAW Region 1-C and the Local 652 Veteran'c Committee now have several T-shirts designs they are selling to raise money for the disabled and homelss veterans.. They are available in sizes small to 4XL and are $20 each. Call Veteran's Committee Chair Mike Melfi at 285-4070 to order yours.



Maintaining Union Membership During Layoff

There have been questions by some members on how to maintain union membership during the layoff. Please read this letter for clarification. WORK CREDIT LETTER Click Here


Christmas Party Photos

Photos from the 2014 UAW Local 652 Children's Christmas Party have been posted. Click Here to view photos.


GM Unit Layoff Dates As of December 8, 2014

The following information is subject to change.

Date to hold Production in Local 652 GM Unit - March 5, 2012 - Last name of Gu

Last date to be offered work at Lansing Delta Township plant - May 14, 2012 - Last name He


Additional Layoff Information for GM Unit Members

For additional information about the layoff and how to apply for layoff benefits Click Here. For frequently asked benefit questions Click Here.


Layoff Information for GM Unit Members

Many of our members from the General Motors unit will be on Layoff in the next few weeks. To assist them in making sure their unemployment and sub-pay get filed properly we have put together these helpful tips.

Q & A   Layoff Information
For UAW Local 652 Employees
All employees have until 11-20-2014 to respond to disposition of layoff

Vacation – 2011 National Agreement paragraph 192, page 148
You have to work 13 weeks to get half of your vacation or any kind of vacation entitlement during the calendar year.  26 weeks to get a full vacation.

Profit Sharing is based on hours worked in a calendar year – 1,850 hours to receive the full amount.

1. Q - If I take the voluntary layoff can I go back to my team?
A. – Yes, you return to your shift, department and respective team(s)

Click Here to See More...


UAW Local 652 Now On Facebook and Twitter

That's right! UAW Local 652 now has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. They can be found at:

UAW Local 652 Facebook page

UAW Local 652 Twitter      


Entry Level Member Health Care Enrollment

Any entry level member whose health care coverage is to go into effect January 1, 2013 should call the GM Benefits and Services Center (Fidelity) as soon as possible at 1-800-489-4646 to confirm all member information is correct and at the same time add any eligible dependents you may have to your health care coverage.  This will help alleviate any possible problems that may happen due to the start of the new  year.

Below are links to documents regarding your health care:

Entry Level Benefits at a Glance

Entry Level Health Care Program Designs

Entry Level Health Plan BCBS

Eligible Medical Expenses

Flexible Spending Account



The GimmeFive program was launched at the 35th UAW Convention in June 2010 by President Bob King, the newly elected International Officers and Regional Directors, and the UAW Local Union Delegates. GimmeFive recruits and engages members in a new and innovative mobilizing program to Organize, Build Power and Win Justice for our union and community. TOGETHER WE WIN!

Each time you complete a task you will be rewarded for your hard work with a new button. The goal is to collect all five buttons…the official GimmeFive, Power, Organize, Mobilize and Justice buttons. Each UAW Region will compete for the highest level of GimmeFive activism and will be acknowledged for their hard work at the Community Action Program (CAP) Conference in January 2011.

To participate in GimmeFive, first you need to sign up for the program.  See UAW Local 652 President Mike Green or Vice-President Randy Freeman at the Local 652 Union Hall and they will help sign you up.  Once you are signed up for GimmeFive you will receive a confirmation with information to track your activities and when to expect your official GimmeFive button.